Focused and specialized team

Akros Solutions opens up the way to Sourcing 3.0 via a professional and personal approach.

And a focus on every detail:

Focus on timing
Delivering a candidate or a solution within less than 48 hours.

Focus on
Great knowledge with 20 years of experience.

Focus on a match
Values and culture analysis for candidates and companies to ensure a perfect match.

Focus on sectors
Government, Finance, Oil & Gas, Industry, Web.

Focus on our guarantee
We listen to understand and add value and efficiency to your process.

Focus on satisfaction
Fast and rigorous contract/payroll and invoice management

Focus on technologies

  • Development (Java, .net, AngularJS, Web, …)
  • System, security and network engineer
  • Project manager
  • Digital transformation
  • Business and functionnal Analyst
  • Support
  • Business intelligence
  • Big Data

Sebastian Jacquin

Associate Director
Créer des relations – de vrais relations ! Entre les sociétés et les candidats est un job à temps plein mais cela change tout !

Amélie Alleman

Associate Director
Le recrutement ce n’est pas seulement trouver le bon match. C’est un challenge quotidien. Une partie du succès de nos clients est entre nos mains

Based in Brussels, Akros Solutions has mastered all aspects of the field, which allows us to establish a reliable connection between the company and the candidate. We favor a local approach and close relationships with our clients and our candidates.

Akros Solutions possesses a database of 45,000 candidates and works with numerous companies, including small and mid-size businesses whose core business is related to IT and Blue Chip.
Today, thanks to social networks, everyone is connected to everyone else. The difference with us is our personalized approach that allows us to have better knowledge of clients, the market, and candidates.